Our Story

What we do.

We live in a hella fast paced planet where the path to nutrition is hazy and we barely have time to fit in a green vegetable or water our withering succulent. 
Lake & Oak is built on the idea that plant based nourishment is the deliciously-simple answer to feeling and looking our best while minimizing the stress we put on our planet." Win-win, amirite?

Free of additives and not-so-natural 'natural flavours' like countless of the other guys, Lake & Oak products are blended by hand, with heart, through the lens of a nutritionist with the mission to help others feel their best every day.  

Who we are.

Meredith Youngson - Holistic Nutritionist & Chief Executive Blender

For most of Meredith's life, she's hung with the dangerous duo of digestive issues and anxiety, a likely pair that is easily exacerbated by stress, environment, and the food and beverages we put in our body. 

After hitting the books in nutrition, Meredith worked hands-on with clients experiencing similar issues every day, looking for that 'miracle pill' or food that would put their health woes behind them. 

While science or mother nature have yet to provide a 'cure all' button, research and (tasty) experimentation provided Meredith with the insight into powerful herbal blends that could ease many of her clients' ever-common symptoms. 

Stomach aches, insomnia, inflammation, and low energy... all from a cozy, hug-in-a-mug cup of tea? 

We hope at the very least you enjoy our teas as an opportunity to slow your horses, give yourself a mental high-five, and taste the bliss that plants bring.

It's all good baby, drink up!