zenergy (energy + mood)
zenergy (energy + mood)
zenergy (energy + mood)

zenergy (energy + mood)


Mornings that show their face too soon and afternoon energy deep dives needn’t always call for a hot pot of mr. java. Say ‘later’ to the draining rollercoaster ride of coffee and ‘hello’ to a new high performing number in your mug.

Elevate sans deflate with the dynamic duo of China Sencha Green Tea (an overachiever in all things antioxidants, energy and metabolism) and Yerba Mate, lesser known but well deserving of it’s crown as nutrient-powerhouse. 

With a minty kick from organic spearmint leaf to revitalize the senses and sooth the mind, this blend is your perfect sidekick for world domination (or at least getting through that 7am spin class).

Pro-Steeper Tip: Try me iced with fresh lemon and a hit of raw honey for an energizing pre-workout bevvie.

Tasting notes: sweet grassy green tea & refreshing peppermint

energizing + metabolism boosting

fat burning + antioxidant rich

stress relief

Ingredients: Organic Chinese Sencha Green Tea, Organic Yerba Mate, Organic Peppermint Leaf

100% Organic, blended in small batches in Toronto. 

25 g | 14 cups