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Female-Founded Wednesdays - Meet Avalon from Aura Inner Beauty

by Meredith Youngson |

This month on Female-Founded Wednesdays we're thrilled to feature Avalon, the amazing founder behind Aura Inner Beauty! 

We first fell in love with Aura Inner Beauty's gorgeous branding, thoughtful products and of course incredible collagen. But once we got to know Avalon a little more, we are even more proud to partner with such an inspiring, kind and innovative woman. 

Take a peak at Avalon's interview below to learn more about Aura and the story and woman behind the brand. 

  • How do you describe your company Aura Inner Beauty in one sentence?
Aura Inner Beauty modernizes your approach to nutritional wellness through comprehensive nourishment for the skin, body, and mind.
  • Where/how did your passion and interest for green beauty and natural health begin?
I think like most people you don't become passionate about something until you have a negative personal experience. My passion actually started in my mid-20's when I started to experience "hormonal" acne. It felt like absolutely nothing had changed in my diet, I had been using the same skincare for 7+ years, and I exercised regularly, so what was happening to my otherwise perfect skin? It took me over 4 years, many skincare products and research about acne to finally heal my skin.
It started with probiotics and evolved into so much more, including adaptogens, antioxidants, collagen, and fatty acids. I always thought if you ate healthy there would never be a need to supplement your diet, but there's many disruptors in our daily lives and unless you have a very diverse diet, limit caffeine, alcohol, sugar, and stress, you may need more support.
I don't know about you, but ingredients like schisandra, sea buckthorn, and ashwagandha aren't part of my daily meals, which is where we think supplementation comes in (or Lake & Oak's amazing teas).
  • What's your way to enjoy Aura Marine Collagen (I love it in a coffee with coconut oil and cinnamon honey!)
When I was thinking about making our collagen products I really wanted it to be complementary to many things, most specifically our inner beauty powders, but also coffee, tea, water, or anything else you can think of! I usually drink coconut with coffee or either with the inner beauty powders, but lately tea and wildberry hibiscus collagen has been my favourite. 
  • What are some of your favourite “tools” or rituals for mental health upkeep in your own life?
I have 3 year old twins, so I don't get to sneak in these things as much as I'd like to anymore, but doing simple things that make me smile: 
    • listening to my body and talking my daily wellness ritual
    • listening to music and creating a new playlist
    • exercising - usually a cycle, bootcamp, or run
    • trying new skincare products as part of my ritual - I love discovering new, innovative brands, I'm definitely a skincare junkie
  • What is one challenge (mental, physical or other) that you’re especially proud of yourself for overcoming?
Oh goodness there have been many of the last 10 years, but probably completing my masters (MBA). I actually struggled in high school and worked my butt off to graduate with honours in my undergrad and lacked confidence in my capabilities. Doing my masters was something I needed for me, not for anyone else, not for a job, and I finally really trusted my capabilities - I'm really proud of that. 
  • What is inspiring you the most right now?  
An act of kindness - the last 12 months has been hard for so many of us with many decisions driving us apart, but when I see people lifting each other up, working together, and sharing space, it's a beautiful thing. 


Shop Aura Inner Beauty. 

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