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Female Founded Wednesdays - Meet Jordan from The Breakfast Pantry

by Meredith Youngson |

On this month's Female Founded Wednesday's I'm excited to introduce you to Jordan from The Breakfast Pantry! I met Jordan last year when she launched her online store, an evolution from her blog devoted to the plant-based lifestyle. I was immediately inspired by Jordan's passion for food, eye for aesthetics and talent for photography. On top of all of this, she's incredibly kind and a wonderful person to work with. We love shopping at The Breakfast Pantry!

How do you describe your company The Breakfast Pantry in one sentence?

The Breakfast Pantry is an online shop for high-quality, plant-based breakfast and pantry staples, health products, self care products and kitchen accessories.

Where/how did your passion for the plant-based lifestyle, natural health and cooking begin? 

I became interested in natural health and cooking in my late teens. During my Undergraduate studies, I took a Sociology of Food course, where I learned a lot about our food system. I ended up writing my final paper on the topic of plant-based eating and how it creates a more sustainable food system - and from there on I transitioned to a plant-based lifestyle. I developed an instant passion towards leading a more health-oriented lifestyle by eating primarily whole foods and cooking nutritious meals.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

That I get to take on so many different roles, all of which I’m super passionate about! No two days are ever the same for me - which keeps it very exciting. One day alone can consist of packing orders, book-keeping, website updates, photography, social media planning and more - and I truly enjoy every role I take on. It’s never a dull moment!

 What is one challenge (mental, physical or other) that you’re especially proud of yourself for overcoming?

Starting my own business was definitely a challenge in itself, but launching it and continuing to grow it throughout a global pandemic was the cherry on top! Covid has definitely caused some road blocks. My best selling item quickly became my Glass Canisters, and I sold out of my initial inventory far quicker than I anticipated. I then experienced delay-after-delay in getting more, and was sold out for months on end. This was super frustrating, upsetting and mentally draining for me, so I’m really proud of the patience and positivity I maintained throughout that. At the end of the day, I remind myself how grateful I am to still have a business during these times.

 What are some of your favourite “tools” or rituals for mental health upkeep in your own life?

  • Getting outside - I start everyday by walking my dog for at least 30 minutes. Getting fresh air and seeing him so happy (he LOVES his morning walks with Mommy) really clears my mind and uplifts my spirits.
  • Eating a nutritious breakfast - I’m clearly a major breakfast advocate! Not only does a wholesome breakfast fuel me and better my focus, it makes me feel happy.
  • Tea + candles throughout the day - A warm cup of tea has always had an instant calming effect on me. I make multiple cups throughout the day. I’m absolutely loving Lake & Oak’s Ashwagandha + Chill Tea. I also love having candles lit throughout the day, whether I’m at my office or home, it makes me feel more zen.

What is inspiring you the most right now?  

The incredible entrepreneurs behind all the brands available on The Breakfast Pantry! We carry products from over 60 brands, and I’m SO inspired by all of their unique stories, missions and the positive impacts they leave on their communities. I love that as a small business myself, I get to connect with and support so many other small businesses - it’s really motivating and inspiring.

What’s next for you and TBP?

My mind is honestly always flowing with new ideas of “what’s next” for TBP. I of course want to continue expanding our product offering and bringing on new and exciting brands. After experiencing such success with our Glass Canisters, one of my biggest goals is to keep expanding our line of kitchen + pantry accessories. We actually just launched 4 new Glass Canisters which I’m so so so excited about. 

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