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5 Things I'm Loving Right Now | May 2021

by Meredith Youngson |

It’s *finally* warming up in Ontario, and with Spring comes a fresh burst of inspiration and things I can’t wait to share with you. 

Here’s what is inspiring me this month!

1) Super-Powered Smoothies 

It’s been a little more ~nuts~ than usual around here, so I’ve started leaning on supercharged smoothies to make sure I’m getting enough fruits and veggies in my day. Their saving grace is they involve very little brain power or planning (perfect for those painfully early mornings).

Some combo’s I’m loving: 

Matcha mango smoothie with spirulina, Mega Matcha, leafy greens and vanilla protein. (energizing, mood-boosting, detoxifying) 

Berry Rose Schisandra with iced Rose Schisandra Glow, spinach, avocado and frozen mixed berries. (skin-loving, immunity boosting)

Cacao Coconut with Cacao Mylk, almond milk, frozen banana, protein powder, almond butter. (great for skin, hair, mood and energy)

2) Atomic Habits 

Late on the game with this life-changing book! James Clear puts into words how our seemingly insignificant daily habits and choices make up who we are in the long term. He shows us how we can release the hold “bad” habits have on us (like nail biting or checking your phone first thing in the morning), and create systems for “good” habits (like daily walks or staying hydrated) to achieve our goals.

I’m only a quarter of the way through it, but already dog-eared several pages with lessons and action-items I want to use IRL.

3) Niyama Wellness 

I finally got around to trying the incredible products made by this Canadian, female-run brand, and I’m so glad I did. Niyama is known for creating clean & all natural pre and post workout supplements to support your active lifestyle. Their vanilla protein (my new go-to) is stevia-free and super finely granulated, making it a smooth and delicious booster for your smoothie. 

Their “After Practice” is a super hydrating drink blend, naturally flavoured with coconut and pineapple. I love shaking it up with chlorella as a post-workout hydration (or just when you need a really refreshing bev!)

4) Living Libations 

Based out of Haliburton, Ontario, Living Libations has been around for 20 years, creating luxurious raw self-care and beauty products, to nourish and revitalize the mind, body, and soul.

My pre-summer skin is loooving their “Everybody Loves the Sunshine” as a hydrator, sun protector and glow-booster. Washing your face with their Rose Face Wash smells like running through a field of lush flowers. I snagged mine from our friends at Well.ca

5) Eat Beautiful 

When studying nutrition I learned all about the gut-skin connection and how healthy, beautiful  skin comes from within. I’ve been experiencing some *interesting* skin concerns as of late and snagged “Eat Beautiful” as a refresher on holistic practices for healthy skin. 

Not only is it stunning to look at, it’s packed with delish recipes, tips and tons of juicy information you’ll want to come back to again and again. 

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