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5 Steps to a Luxurious At-Home Spa Day

by Meredith Youngson |

Here at Lake & Oak, you probably know we’re a tad obsessed with self-care, and a good cup of soul-nourishing tea is only the beginning. Before Lake & Oak I spent time working at (and partaking in!) some incredible world-class Spas, so I am always inspired to find new ways to bring the spa experience home.

Whether you are treating your dear Mum, or treating yourself, here are my favourite ways to recreate the spa experience at home. 

1) Get in a Zen Mood

This part is important -  It can be difficult to wind down and go from work mode to blissed-out without a little help. My ritual is to put a pot of tea on (surprise surprise) and get the bath going. 

My favourite spa-worthy blends are Gut Love (for its gentle cleansing and calming properties) and Ashwagandha + Chill (it seriously relaxes you body and mind) If you’re feeling particularly stressed or out of whack, a couple drops of CBD tincture can be especially transformative. 

2) Set the Tone

Time to prep your space into a spa-worthy environment! My tiny bathroom is under renovation so I rely on other devices -  lighting a delicious LOHN candle, spritzing the space (and myself) with Rose Toner. Use your phone or speakers to play spa-worthy music or a relaxing sound effect. Spotify has lots of Spa Playlists and sound effects that will get you in the zone. 

3) Elevate your Bath

The bath is running, candle flickering, music’s on and you’ve been sipping your favourite tea. This is where I like to throw in my favourite bubble baths or bath soak. I am smitten with the Bathorium soaks, which make your skin feel silky smooth and smell amazing. My favourite is the Oat Hydration Bath Soak, available in our Spa Bundle. I also love to use Deew Body Scrub, as it doubles as a refreshing, minty bath soak. 

4) Detox Your Mind & Body

Depending on my mood, after my bath I’ll take the spa-experience to the next level with journaling, visualization and positive mantras. It’s also a great time to dry-brush your skin to help promote circulation and blood flow. 

5) Rehydrate with a Smoothie or Tonic

All great spas offer plenty of hydration options, varying from cold-pressed juices, teas, smoothies and tonics. Pour another cup of tea, make a refreshing tonic, or treat yourself to a cleansing green smoothie to seal the deal - you deserve it. 



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